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Sam      Willie
Engaged and gettin' busy!

Meet the Bride


After 2.5 years, Ed L. Mann and I had gotten stale and it seemed my new beau, BJ Lloyd wasn’t going to work out either. I wanted a real connection, something meaningful! I knew it was time for me to take that next “Big Step” but this time I wasn’t settling for anything but perfect or less than forever. I was on a mission to make one the power suit-wearing NY government innovation moguls love me!  But no matter how many great first, second or third dates I scored with hotshots like Mack Kinsé, B. Aen, Gil Gull, Dell Hoites, Mike Bloomberg and others, it seemed my expectations weren’t met or more often my advances, thwarted...

Our Story
Our Vows

"Ride Or Die"

Come June 2020 we need to be ready for anything. I vow to make sure you take the right risks, learn how to always land on your feet, and remember to have fun and let go sometimes. Simply put, I promise you’ll always be the most prepared candidate at the interview. Ask anyone, it’s true.

💪 Willie 💪

Fire Escape.jpg

I vow to appreciate our present but keep my eyes on the future. Because even though New York will always be my first love, at the end of the day it’s your name on my resume and you that’s investing in our ever after.

"Call It What You Want" 

❤️ Sam ❤️

Your Lifeguard

“Some of life’s greatest adventures happen when you’re totally underwater! Over the next two years, when you find myself gasping for air and choking up gulps of salty water, I vow to keep you in the moment - and from drowning :) -  and always off you the wise wise word … “Catssssss!”.. to help you get through it”

⚓️ Willie ⚓️

fish in the sea.jpg
driven pair.jpg

"All I need"

I’m Audrey and you’re Bogey! Just kidding, you’re SO much cuter. I will always bring out all of our incredible energy, drive and adventure! So long as you and I are behind the wheel, I know our after will be a never ending honeymoon!

⚡️Sam ⚡️

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